Welcome to Oakland Stock

Oakland Stock is part of the Sunday Soup series of meals that supports artists projects.

Oakland Stock is a somewhat-monthly public dinner event and presentation series, which democratically funds Oakland-area artist projects. Diners pay $10 for a homemade meal and the opportunity to vote for which artist proposal will receive the evening’s proceeds. Artists present their proposals, diners discuss them, and the voting happens. The dinner’s profits immediately become an artist grant, awarded according to the vote of the diners. Winning artists present their completed work at the next dinner. Oakland artist-citizens decide which projects they’d like to see realized, talk about it openly, and build community through its process.

Sometimes success in the art market and world seems pretty random. Sunday Soup is a way for artists and communities to actively engage in what they feel is important in cultural production.

Oakland Stock will begin its micro-granting meals in early 2013, hosted by Ratto’s Market in Old Oakland.

Support for Oakland Stock is provided by Southern Exposure’s Alternative Exposure Grant Program.

Thanks to Portland Stock for sharing the name and the inspiration.