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  • Deirdre Weinberg

  • Love the TL

  • Paul Taylor

  • RED / BLUE

  • Jackie Katz, River Black, Jamie Turner, Hyeyoon Song

Art ☆ Stars

  • Leslie Dreyer with The Coalition on Homelessness

  • Stolen Belonging

  • Anna Xu & Beatriz Escobar

  • Emergent Landscapes 2019

Le Menu:

  • White Bean, Sage, Bacon, Kale Stew

  • Wild Mushroom & Black Rice Soup with Feral Hear Farm Nettle Pistou

  • Feral Heart Farms Purple Mustard Greens, Market Lettuces, Pickled Purple Daikon, Sweet/Salty Toasted Walnuts, Blue Cheese

  • Acme Breads

  • Sweet Treats