The Archive Show at Intersection

Intersection for the Arts, 2015

I was the archivist and curator for Intersection’s 50th Anniversary Archive Show.

By searching through nearly a hundred boxes, I discovered lost histories of this important San Francisco institution. I uncovered not only the likely suspects: posters, calendars, art works,  but also meeting notes, board members' letters, and memos of financial crises. I sleuthed around to discover things lost from institutional memory.

In the show, I included 63 of the boxes, a flag representing the Fiscally Sponsored Projects, a wall honoring 50 years of laborers, a variety of program ephemera, a pillar covered in posters, a reel to reel tapes from the archives revealing an early project Arts News Service, a component of Bay Area Arts Services, a listening station, and a fiscal crises timeline with community responses to their most recent one, which resulted in the firings of three curators. 

Learn more about eh show here.