Cheers with Philip Guston and my favorite collaborator, Ted Smith
 Museum Tour Remix: Ted's Tour. Tour led by Security Guard Ted Smith.
 Museum Tour Remix: Cheers for Art, with professional cheerleader Stephanie Drachman
 One of Us Salon. During Shine a Light 2012, guests could have an intimate and long term relationship with an artwork by getting a haircut based on it, right in the museum. See all of the haircuts  here
 One of Us. Or, for a temporary relationship, guests could wear a wig of their favorite painting subject. See all of the photos   here
 Female Gaze Tour. Collaboration with feminist art historian Elizabeth Bilyeu, for Shine a Light 2013. We led guests through the galleries to discuss, imagine and play out the perspectives of the female subjects in artworks, from the Virgin Mother to contemporary portrayals of women. 
 Female Gaze Tour
 Museum Tour Remix: Hair Tours for Families, 2012. I designed this tour based on comments from neighboring hairdressers while using hair as an example to teach about abstraction.
 Museum Cookbook, 2012. I collaborated with artist Crystal Baxley to employ 11 local chefs to make recipes based on artworks at the Portland Art Museum. The chefs visited, found artworks, interpreted them into recipes. We situated the recipes next to the corresponding works of art. Visitors could collect them all, requiring them to look deeply throughout the museum, and connect with the artworks on a longer term basis, through the recipes.
 Museum Cookbook
 Museum Etiquette 1.0. A collectively-written and performed song about what can and cannot be done in a museum by PAM Security Guards Joe Fortunato, Gage Mace, Ted Smith, Gene Tangren, and Gretchen van Lente, Shine a Light, May 17 2013
 PAM Meal Ticket. The pilot Meal Ticket project was conducted with PAM staff, seated cross-hierarchically for a home-cooked luncheon in the Board room. 2011-12
 PAM Meal Ticket
 PAM Meal Ticket
 Museum Special. Art-inspired pastries by local bakers inspired by artworks in the collection
 Food cART. Collection-inspired specials provided by local food carts 
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