The pilot Meal Ticket project: 11 meals with Portland Art Museum staff, 2011-12. Cookbook designed by Justin Flood.
 PAM Meal Ticket
 Meal Ticket, for Christine Wong Yap’s Make Things (Happen) at Interface Gallery in Oakland, 2015
 Resulting book for Make Things (Happen)
 Meal Ticket at the Silver Social Club, 2013. The Luncheon series bought together different groups of senior women to a home-cooked luncheon and recipe exchange at two locations- Atlantic Center for the Arts' Harris House and Babe James Community Center- a reality of a segregated south. The recipes from the 12 luncheons were complied into a community cookbook.
 Silver Social Club Meal Ticket at Babes James Center
 Silver Social Club Meal Ticket at Harris House
 Meal Ticket @ ACA, 2014-Present. An ongoing series of dinners among multidisciplinary and international artists during Atlantic Center for the Arts' residency programs, and Found Sound Nation's Dosti and OneBeat music projects. A compendium of hundreds of recipes...
 The Living Cookbook, 2012. I published an essay in Museums and Social Issues about the effects of Meal Ticket on the culture of Portland Art Museum
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