Jingle Orchestras

Oakland, CA, New York, NY Jyderup, DK, Ljubljana, SLO, Paris, FR, Tabor, CZ, 2008-2010

I facilitated open calls for community members to come together and write/record advertisement songs about the places they live. In some cases they performed together, in others, I collected lyrics and write/perform the songs with local musicians. I have collectively written jingles for Oakland, CA, Paris, France, NY, NY, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Jyderup, Denmark and Tabor, CZ.

Listen to them all and more here

An Oakland Jingle:
“Come to where it’s sunny
There are no hurricanes, but lots of water
Birds and squirrels and artists
All trespass in scenic places
Fairyland, Art’s Crab Shak
Old Oakland, Redwood Park
Chinatown, The Paramount
Oakland is San Francisco Real
Oakland is San Francisco Real
Diversity and Harmony
Oakand: It’s got Merit!”