A curatorial project bringing together artists from Real Time and Space with artists from NIAD, a progressive studio for artists with disabilities, 2018

I invited RTS studio members to engage with and respond to NIAD studio artists. I chose this RTS group of artists, my fellow studio mates, because I see a similarity in the sense of community at both studios, artists working alongside each other every day. When I invited my RTS friends to join in this project, I asked them simply to respond to a NIAD artist’s work. We are all enamored with the dedication of practice and output of the NIAD artists. To my delight, my studio mates have visited NIAD several times, engaged with the artists there, and found deep connection with their work.

Johnna Arnold presented a workshop about her photographic practice of enlarging and printing mundane microscopic detritus, then invited the NIAD artists to add, subtract, adorn, destroy, and otherwise interact with her prints. Dorrie Reid, Billy White, Felicia Griffin, Shantae Robinson, Esmeralda Silva and Deatra Colbert obliged.

Amy Ho responded to the architectural works of James Heartsill by imagining the insides of these spaces through a photographic projection.

Beth Krebs engaged in call and response art making, inviting NIAD artists to finish some of her works, and doing the same to theirs, working with Felicia Griffin, Carlos Fernandez and Julio Del Rio.

Kate Rhoades made a custom video in response to NIAD artist Luis Estrada’s embellishment of a handmade tv cabinet.

Emma Spertus hosted a workshop with the artist about her practice and interest in the repeated patterns and design of paper reams. NIAD artists Felicia Griffin, Shantae Robinson, Carlos Fernandez, Deatra Colbert and Matthew Wilson made their own patterns and reams with Emma’s assistance. Emma then reimagined them into multiply-authored patterns.

I, too participated, choosing Sara Malpass’ ceramic and textile text-based pieces while she chose my ceramic cups with text-based conversation prompts.